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Slimming Down In Your 50’s

Menopause meltdown? Want to lose that muffin top?  I received a question from one of my listeners about her struggle with losing weight after fifty—especially while going through menopause. Here’s what my heart-felt advice is …
Plig Short Story #334

How-To Stop Binge Eating

The loneliness is hardest to fight…is what she said to me. This is a question I received from someone here in our Heal the Family, Heal the World community. If you’re wondering how to stop binge eating or you’re a …
My Body Story Can Be Yours

Your Fat Is Perfect

With so much hype going on this month about fat and weight, please understand just one thing. Your fat is perfect in its own right. It works hard and does its job perfectly—and that is to isolate dangerous toxins and keep …


Shiloah reveals her secret sauce

Sassy Grass

Sassy Grass®
Feed Your Inner Healthy

Yes, for reals! Have you ever felt like you have an “inner healthy” speaking to you, just crying out for real food and good nutrition? It’s kind of like your inner child- if you can remember what that was like!?

Well, Sassy Grass will feed your cells and help your body become healthy from the inside out, while gently scrubbing each and every cell in your delicious body, and over time your body worries will vanish; mine did…

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With Shiloah Jordan

The Dynamic Human

The Dynamic Human
Experience More Love, More Often (and soar to greater heights in your business!)

If a genie appeared and offered you just one secret to unlocking your future that would change your destiny forever, this knowledge would be that secret.

The Dynamic Human Mastery Course is a compilation of Shiloah Jordan’s life’s work in her study of the art of communication and relationships.... +read more

  • This course will empower you with the knowledge and skill base to experience the most sensual relationship with your lover you’ve ever had, along with more effective communication with your colleagues and clients.
  • The Dynamic Human Mastery Course promises to open up more fluid conversations with your children and heal relationships with friends and loved ones that have been on the rocks for years.
  • Through this powerful course, your eyes will be opened as to how to effectively love the people around you.
  • You will also learn things about yourself that will help your value to be recognized at home and in the workplace; you might just get that pay raise you’ve always deserved!
  • The Dynamic Human Mastery Course is for anyone wanting to better their communication and make a positive impact in the bedroom, boardroom and in business.

It truly is a lifeline to success for people seeking to understand the complexities of the different personality types, learning styles, Love Codes™, Body Rhythms™ and basic human needs.

The power of mastering relationships is one of the greatest human skills to have—one which will set you apart from the rest.

Start your journey here with The Dynamic Human Mastery Course.... -read less

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Baby My Body

Baby My Body
Self-Care For Your Well-Being

You would think that in today’s world with all of the great, life-changing technological advances, we would be so much further along in our health than where we are today. But this is so far from the truth!

We’re living a freaking food nightmare! And the only way to change it is for each individual to take personal responsibility for his or her food choices! People don’t like to hear that though, so I’ll tell it to you a little softer.... +read more

The truth is, what all of us really wants, is to be happy.

And one of the core foundational ways to achieving your truest happiness is through living at your optimum level of health.

Sick = sad

Health = happy…right?

Baby My Body™ walks you through your health and weight-loss journey with simple-to-follow “Baby Steps”. This 7-week course is specifically designed for you to go at your own pace and comfort level.

Who is this for?

  • People who’ve tried other diets and gained it all back
  • People who are “weight-loss resistant”
  • Low energy people
  • Addicts: sugar, caffeine, more
  • Women & men with hormone imbalance
  • People who’ve experienced weight gain as a result of trauma and/or pain
  • Emotional and/or binge eaters
  • Yo-yo dieters
  • Obese children
  • People who are mean to themselves and “beat their body up” to lose weight
  • People who are outwardly “skinny” but feel unhealthy inside…
  • People with allergies, skin problems, digestion issues, gluten intolerance, mental fog, mood issues, kids with behavioral problems, candida, fungus, other

Is this you?

Here’s what you’ll get with Baby My Body™:

  • You’ll learn to regulate your blood sugar naturally with low GI meals
  • You’ll reverse inflammation and pain
  • You’ll lose excess fat rapidly and permanently, in a healthy way
  • You’ll learn to prepare delicious meals that will keep your entire family healthy!
  • You’ll flush-fat and “clean” your body on a cellular level
  • You’ll learn to finally take control of your health and therefore, ultimately your life.

Together let’s get you back on track. You need Baby My Body™ today!... -read less

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