“I help women overcome weight and health challenges through exquisite self-care and body love.”

– Shiloah Jordan


Vignettes of a Polygamous Girl Turned Modern Wife:
Sharing What I Know About Women’s Health, Happiness, Hardship & Hope

Nourishing The Women Who Nourish The World

Hi, I’m Shiloah!

My passion is to help you unlock your greatest potential because I believe there is untapped possibility within each of us.

Allow me to walk you through this journey as I show you how to regain your confidence and zest for life through exquisite self-care and body love!


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You may feel: “I feel really heavy physically and I know if I had better health I could do more of the things I love to do.”

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Rising out of poverty from a fractured, polygamous family Shiloah has given new meaning to the phrase, “surviving to thriving”.

Today as a free-spirited, passionate entrepreneur, CEO and mother of five, Shiloah broke free from the bonds of abuse and small mindedness. She now inspires women from all walks of life through her speaking, coaching and workshops to seek true joy while living their life’s purpose.

Rooted in the belief that health plays a vital role in the overall outcome of your life, Shiloah has created must-have tools for every woman seeking to heal the relationship with her body and experience a more purposeful life!

Designed specifically to help women with their daily self-care and journey to body love, here are some of Shiloah’s signature resources: Sassy Grass® drink, Baby My Body™ course, and SAGE™ women’s group.

Kind Words of Praise

“Hey, it’s Julie. I wanted to Vox* you because weird shit’s happening to me. I woke up this morning and I felt so good! I was like, ‘I think I’m going to go to the gym today’, which is really weird because it’s my freaking birthday! I [finally] let my body tell me what she wanted to do… I just want to say ‘thank you! I don’t know if it’s the Sassy Grass or [learning to listen to my inner ‘Little Girl’] or if it’s just the different attitude or if I’m just getting old…[lol]! I don’t know—but I feel REALLY GOOD and HAPPY…I just wanted you to know—thank you!”

– Julie E., Author and Professional Ghost Writer

*Voxer is a messaging app for your smartphone with live voice

“Thank you, honey [Shiloah]. You are just really making a life change in me. I feel better, I look better, and my mood is so much better all the time! My husband has commented—he said the other day, ‘I don’t know what put you in such a wonderful mood but don’t lose it!’ I’ve lost 20 pounds, and inches are just falling off me! I wish I would’ve measured when I started—but I have gone down two sizes and I’m sleeping better! I am so pleased… You are a wonderful teacher!”

– Karen M., Retired (and loving life as a Baby My Body™ graduate)

“I think this could change the world!”

– Naomi L., ND, (Naturopathic Doctor)

Restore Your Body, Reclaim Your Purpose

How to Heal the Relationship With Your Sacred Body (and with Food)

How to Create a New Reality Filled With Self-Compassion, Forgiveness & Joy

How to Tune-In to What Your Body & Soul Have Been Telling You


I was put on this earth to help women heal the relationship with their bodies through exquisite self-care & compassion… Join me!

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